Creative announced selling 30 units of Super X-Fi AMP per minute (for 20 minutes)

“Frenetic Orders” For Creative’s SXFI AMP “At Launch”


Title of the announcement caught the eyes of SGX Observer.


In the announcement made via SGX on 26-Sep 6:44pm, Creative Technology says “Initial Strong Results of Over 30 Units Sold Per Minute Indicates That Super X-Fi® Headphone Holography Is Here To Stay “, and “experienced phenomenally strong initial sales numbers right from the time its new Super X-Fi online store at opened on 24 September 2018 at 6.34pm (Singapore Time). “


Creative Super X-Fi


According to the statement (link), Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative says:


I’m truly blown away by the initial whirlwind sales reaction to the launch of the SXFI AMP. In barely 20 minutes we clocked in an amazing 600 units sold. The confidence that folks out there have in the revolutionary Super X-Fi technology is truly heartening. And the sales period took place in the evening when people were busy commuting home from work. Of course these are initial launch numbers and have an element of pent up demand in it. It’s early days yet and we are just testing out the product in a small market like Singapore. You probably can’t expect this number to scale linearly at this initial phase.



This is even more impressive than what we experienced when we first launched Sound Blaster in 1989, which went on to sell over 400 million units worldwide subsequently. It actually took Sound Blaster 4 days for us to reach 600 units when we launched it at COMDEX 1989 in Las Vegas. That in itself was a phenomenal result at the time. But now with Super X-Fi, it’s the same number of units in just 20 minutes! Initial stocks are limited and are selling out fast. So if you want to be part of this revolution, get one now to avoid disappointment.



SGX Observer is also truly blown away, not by the sales figures but by the quotes above, if they are truly the exact words that Mr. Sim has said.


SGX Observer has many doubts. 🤨


Why the sales only starts at 6:34pm (such an auspicious timing?) knowing that people are busy commuting home from work at such timing?


🤔 Why the sales figures of the first 20 minutes is announced to public after 2 days? (SGX Observer would expect such good news to be shared on that night or the next morning immediately) Or why it takes 2 days to share the sales figures of only the first 20 minutes? (SGX Observer would expect report on sales figures for at least the 1st day and not just the first 20 minutes)


To make it worse, the intention to paint the image of “30 units old per minute” using the sales figures of only the first 20 minutes is just as funny as Mindchamp PreSchool trying to tell the world that it is the “The Largest Operator and Franchisor of Premium Range PreSchool Centres In Singapore” as mentioned in SGX Observer’s earlier post: MindChamps PreSchool Limited – From The Eyes of News Media. 🙄


Furthermore, 600 units were sold “right from the time its new Super X-Fi online store at opened on 24 September 2018 at 6.34pm” and “in barely 20 minutes” is… amazing… as it could take a few minutes for buyers to key the particulars and address for delivery, key credit card numbers and may be waiting for the 2FA code via sms etc…..


Maybe that is just the plot of marketing campaign that hoping to catch public’s eyeballs (but written in the Yuuzoo style) by tapping onto the SGX announcement platform. (Is this appropriate? 🤔)


SGX Observer is actually a supporter of Creative products. Maybe SGX Observer shouldn’t take such marketing campaign too seriously or else the level of confidence to the products may deteriorate slowly.




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