Leader Environmental Technologies’ Share Price Surged 167% and What Had Happened?

SGX Mainboard listed China-based company Leader Environmental Technologies’ share price (SGX:LS9) surged 167% in about 6.5 trading days from 24-Dec-2020 to 06-Jan-201 2:37pm. Here is what had happened:


Lin Baiyin (Chairman & CEO of Leader Environment Technologies) sold 252,000,000 shares via married deal @ 0.045/share.

  • Pan Shuhong purchased 165,000,000 shares via the married deal.
  • JINGOLD RESOURCES LIMITED purchased the other 252,000,000 shares via the married deal.

LEE SUAN HIAN purchased 5,000,000 share via market transaction @ 0.045/share.


Share price up +4.3%.

Announcement after market close:

  • Dr Lin Yucheng as the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company with effect from 1 January 2021.
  • Lin Baiyin will relinquish his role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and remains as an Executive Director.


Share price up +41.7%


Share price up +10.3%


Share price up +20.0%


Share price up +5.6%

Announcement after market close:

  • Wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, United Greentech Pte Ltd., has incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary in Guangzhou, China, known as United Greentech Investment (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. (联合环境投资(广州)有限公司) (“Greentech Guangzhou”).
  • Greentech Guangzhou will be an intermediate investment holding company in China for the Group. It has a registered share capital of RMB210 million and paidup capital of RMB29 million.
  • Greentech Guangzhou has further incorporated an environmental engineering company, United Greentech (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. (联合环境(天津)有限公司) (“Greentech Tianjin”) in Tianjin, China, to undertake projects for the Group.
  • Greentech Tianjin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greentech Guangzhou.

06-Jan-2021 2:03pm:

Share price up ~30%.

SGX query regarding trading activity.

06-Jan-2021 2:37pm:

Trading halt.

06-Jan-2021 6:46pm: 


The Board of Directors of Leader Environmental Technologies Limited wishes to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, United Greentech (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., has secured a RMB56.5 million (approximately S$11.5 million) contract to Treat and Recycle Industrial Wastewater in Hebei Province, China.


Data source here.

About Leader Environmental Technologies 

Leader Environment Technologies
Leader Environment Technologies

Extracted from its announcement:

Leader Environmental Technologies is listed on SGX-ST and headquartered in Singapore. Our head office in China is located in Changchun, Jilin province and we serve a wide variety of clients spanning across different sectors and industries across the nation. Our markets served includes: Gansu, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Jiangxi and Sichuan.

Leader Environmental Technologies stay focussed on operating our businesses in the northern regions of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), looking to explore the markets in Shanghai and Fuzhou regions and expanding our roles in contributing to a greener environment in the areas that the group operate in. 

Leader Environmental Technologies’ activities are largely confined to engineering, procurement and construction contracts to design, fabricate, manufacture and install environmental protection systems primarily for industrial wastegas and wastewater treatments. In addition, we do offer maintenance services for the systems, primarily for the treatments of industrial wastegas and wastewater, that we built for customers who wish to focus their operations and resources on their core businesses.

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