SGX Observer



SGX Observer don’t have secret formulas on picking winning stocks to share. Secret is not meant to be shared. If there were winning formulas, SGX Observer would be happy to share the win, not the formula.

SGX Observer don’t have e-book for you to download. If SGX Observer really had a great mind to share, without the trouble of sharing it as e-book for the exchange of your email address.

SGX Observer is not guru. Junior gurus want you listen to them and believe them. Senior gurus want you listen to them and believe in yourself, so that your problem won’t become their problem. The REAL gurus don’t need to, and don’t bother to be your guru. SGX Observer is just a kindergarten pupil.

SGX Observer don’t have portfolio to showcase for your admiration. Financial freedom is still too far away from SGX Observer.

SGX Observer is just a layman who is trying hard to understand the complicated stock market.