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Can Companies’ Announcements via SGX Be Trusted?

S i2i announced Daily Share Buy-Back on 12-Sep-2017 Since early August, S i2i has been buying back its own share from market almost everyday, and the buybacks activities have lifted its share price from $2.60+ all the way to $3.20+ until yesterday. Today, its share price fall back to $3.00. According to POEMS, there were

SGX Queried The Dormant Subsidiary Blumont Copper Struck-Off

Apparently SGX had issued query to Blumont Group regarding the stuck-off of dormant subsidiary worth S$1.8mil. SGX.Observer just mentioned about this in the previous article: Blumont Group and Its New & Ultimate Horizon To recap, On 20 June 2017, Blumont Group announced – The Board of Directors of Blumont Group Ltd. (the “Company”) wishes to announce

Blumont Group and Its New & Ultimate Horizon

Blumont Group’s profit guidance for 2Q2017 – 10 Aug 2017 Blumont Group issued profit warning  for its 2017Q2 ended 30 June 2017 on 10 Aug 2017 (Thursday) after market closed. In the announcement, it mentioned – The expected losses in 2Q2017 and 1H2017 primarily arose from the following: (a) grant of 4,120,000 share awards at S$0.001 per